Coding Lessons

I teach R to graduate students and faculty members at national bird conferences. This page contains links to my teaching lessons I’ve put online. Expect past lessons to be added intermitently.

Advanced R workshops

My colleague and I, Auriel Fournier, have taught an advanced R workshop three years in a row now at AOS/AOU.
These lessons are free for anyone to download:

AOS Workshop includes our lessons for 2018 at AOS Tucson, AZ

R challenges written for the UDel R club.

UDel PhD student, Desiree Narango, and I formed the R club to help students with R and answer questions. For this I wrote a couple of R challenges to help students learn more about problem solving in R. You can download lessons and answers

ENWC R challenges

  • Creating packages is a great lesson for moderate and advanced R users for sharing code and packaging together commonly used functions for daily use. Hillary Parker at Not So Standard Deviations makes a useful and quick write up on package writing.
  • Writing Shiny Apps is a useful way to visualize and create dynamic code for people that is accesible to various levels of users. I learned through these free online tutorials.