My name is Matt Boone. I am an ecologist with an interest in developing software tools for conservation groups and teaching scientists programming. I specialize in R, arcGIS, and bash/bin.

I have 8 years of field experience working primarily with birds. I earned my Masters of Science in 2016 from the University of Delaware with a degree in Wildlife Ecology. In my masters I used weather radar technology to study the migration and stopover of birds. From this I gained an intense understanding of the statistical progamming language R.

I am passionate about building products for scientists that increase their effeciency with data collection and analysis. I have built R packages for analyzing radar data, systems to download and manage image and sound files effeciently, databases for non-profits, and I teach R workshops at national bird conferences.

My github repository is birderboone

Contact me

If you need consultations or help with any codes on this page. Feel free to contact me:

Email: mttboone@gmail.com
Twitter: @birderboone