Cirriculum Vitae

Matthew E. Boone


M.S in Wildlife Ecology, May 2016 (GPA - 3.90)
University of Delaware Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
Dr. Jeffrey J. Buler

• Assessing the effects of Hurricane Sandy on fall migration in the North East United States using Weather Surveillance Radar.
• Created stopover maps of passerines in the Northeast United States using Level II weather radar to assess the change in stopover distribution of migrants after Hurricane Sandy. Modeled changes in bird density before and after the storm to changes in wind fields, storm surge, and NDVI at 6 radar stations across the Atlantic coast.
• Ground truthed radar returns by sky sampling for birds taking off at six sites across New Jersey and Delaware. Created methodology for determining when birds take off at night and when they can be sampled on the radar in R.
• Wrote laboratory protocols and methods for processing Level II WSR-88D data in R and calculating exodus timing of migrants via radar that is still being used at the University of Delaware and Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. Created a Package in R summarizing these methods with over 20 different functions.

B.S in Biology - Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior May 2009 (GPA - 3.48)
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Dr. Michael Ryan

• Assisted in a study on the effect of gonad size on mating system choice by surgically removing the gonad of Swordtails (genus Xiphphorus), dried, and weighed samples.

Work Experience

Crew Leader May 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017
National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, OR
Intensive Forest Management

• Trained technicians on identifying 80+ birds of the Pacific Northwest by sight and sound
• Conducted breeding point counts in cut timber stands in the Coast Range of Oregon
• Supervised two technicians including planning daily logistics and data management

Retained Structures Project

• Trapped and ear tagged small mammals of the Cascades using Sherman and Tomahawk traps.
• Marked and measured created tree plots by measuring DBH and height of trees.

Data Analyst and Database Manager April 15, 2016 – April 13, 2017
Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, HI

• Analyzed field data and created maps using R and ArcGis 10.3. Interfaced with and analyzed data from a myriad of technologies including Audio Recording Units, satellite and geolocator tags, Recoynx Field Cameras, and LiDAR. Fixed, maintained, and expanded two current databases using Microsoft Access and SQL. Maintained integrity and QA/QC of databases.
• Prepared 12 annual scientific reports, helped write manuscripts, and lead outreach events for public.
• Managed up to nine technicians in office, monitored their data entry, and created projects tailored to each technician’s strengths. Helped with field logistics, helicopter flights, and schedules.
• Created a habitat model for the endangered Band-rumped Storm-Petrel using ten years of auditory survey and Audio Recorded Unit data using boosted regression trees in R. Collected covariate data on topographic variables from publicly available sources (Elevation, Slope, Aspect, Soil type, NDVI, etc). Wrote methods, analysis, and results page for manuscript.
• Created an algorithm to calculate exposure height of powerline wires across the island of Kauai using LiDAR and Photogrammetry data in R. Required dynamically creating 100,000 geospatial polygons tailored to individual vectors analyzed entirely in an R environment. • Analyzed movement and wintering range of 12 satellite tagged juvenile Newell’s Shearwaters using dynamic Brownian Bridge Movement Model in R.

Marshbird Field Technician May 1 – August 15, 2014
University of Delaware, DE

• Performed playback surveys for secretive marsh birds under the National Marsh Bird Protocol.

Migratory Rail Field Technician August 7 - October 21, 2012/2013
Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, AR

• Performed nightly distance sampling of migratory rails on ATVs in managed wetlands throughout Missouri. Captured and banded secretive birds using a hand-held net.

Willow Flycatcher Field Technician May 7 – August 15, 2013
SWCA Consulting, NV

• Territory and nest searching for the endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher in the Lower Colorado River drainage basin. Drove ATV’s across desert and river corridors.

Yellow Rail Field Technician December 7, 2012 - March 31, 2013
Mississippi State University, MS

• Surveyed for Yellow Rails using drag-lining in Pine Savannas of coastal Mississippi and Alabama. Captured, banded, and tracked Yellow Rails using radio telemetry.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo Field Surveyor July 7 - August 21, 2012
Great Basin Bird Observatory, NV

• Conducted playback surveys for the federally endangered Southwestern Yellow-Billed Cuckoo.

Avian Field Research Assistant February 1 - June 30, 2012
Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project, HI

• Nest searching, band re-sighting, and territory mapping of the federally endangered Maui Parrotbill. Included backcountry camping and living in close quarters with other technicians for 10 days at a time.

Field Technician July 14 - October 21, 2011
Curry and Kerlinger, LLC, NY

• Performed daily bird and bat mortality searches at 48 wind turbines in Western New York.

Golden-winged Warbler Field Technician April 21- July 7, 2011 University of Tennessee, TN

• Conduct Nest searched, band resighted, and performed presence absence play back surveys for the declining Golden-Winged Warbler in the Cumberland Mountains.

Field Investigator January 3 - March 21, 2011
Louisiana State University, LA

• Conducted mortality searches for waterfowl along ocean transects in the Mississippi River Delta and Gulf of Mexico after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Lived on a remote island camp with one other technician. Drove mud-motor and small skiffs in marsh and open water habitat.

Field Technician July 7 - September 14, 2010
Texas Agrilife Extensions Service, TX

• Performed presence absence surveys for freshwater mussels in tributaries of the Colorado River in central Texas.

Golden-cheeked Warbler Field Technician March 14 - July 7, 2010
Texas A&M University, TX

• Territory mapped and performed point counts for the federally endangered Black-capped Vireo and Golden-Cheeked Warbler in Live Fire ranges on Fort Hood Military Base.

Professional Development

2018 Instructor ‘Taking the Next Step with R: Data Management, Publication Quality Graphics and Function Building’ Workshop AOS meeting (Tuscon, AZ)
2017 Instructor ‘Graphing and Programming in R’ Workshop AOSSCO meeting (East Lansing, MI)
2015 Instructor ‘Taking R to the Next Level’ Workshop AOU/COS meeting (Norman, OK)
2015 Guest Lecturer ‘Programming and Data Processing in R’ Introduction to R (University of Delaware)
2014 Guest Lecturer Wetland policy and management in the United States Habitat Management (University of Delaware)


2014 - Present eBird Regional Editor – Comal and Guadalupe TX counties
2016 Outreach Coordinator KESRP - Create media, plan upcoming events, interact with public and responding to requests for information
2015/2014 (January) Volunteer University of Central Oklahoma – Drag lining, hand-netting captures, and mist-netting for Black Rails/Yellow Rails/Ammodramus Sparrows
2015 Co-leader and Founder R Club University of Delaware – Setting up agenda for weekly meetings, solving graduate student problems in R, creating/teaching lessons.
2015 Department Seminar Coordinator University of Delaware – Contact potential speakers, coordinate weekly seminar series, and organize food/coffee schedule.

Peer-Reviewed Publications


Buler, J., Barrow, C., Boone, M. Dawson, D., Diehl, R., Moore, F., Randall, L., Schreckengost, T., Smolinsky, J. (2018). Linking Animals Aloft with the Terrestrial Landscape. In Aeroecology (P. Chilson, F. Winifred, J. Kelly, F. Liechti, Editors). Springer Press.
McLaren, J.D., Buler, J.J., Schreckengost, T.D., Smolinsky, J.A., Boone, M.E., Dawson, D.K., Walters, E.L. Artificial light confounds broad-scale habitat selection by migrating birds. Ecology Letters (2018)


Raine, A.F., Boone, M., Mckown, M., Holmes, N. The breeding phenology and distribution of the Band-rumped Storm-petrel Oceanodroma castro on Kaua’i and Lehua Islet, Hawaiian Islands. Marine Ornithology 45 (2017): 73-82

Raine, A.F., McFarland, B, Banfield, Boone, M., N. Andre An Updated Avifauna of Moku’ae’ae Rock Islet, Kaua’i. Pacific Science 71.1 (2017): 67-76.

Technical Publications

Buler, J.J., Boone, M.E., McLaren, J.E., Dawson, D.K. (2016) Hurricane Sandy’s impact on migrating landbirds: insight via radar, field observations and modeling. Final Report. USGS


Boone, M.E., Buler, J.J., Dawson, D.K., Using Weather Surveillance Radar to assess the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on migratory birds.

• The Delaware Wetlands Conference - Wilmington, DE, US (2015)
• The Wildlife Society National Conference - Pittsburgh, PA, US (2014)


Boone, M.E., Buler, J.J., Dawson, D.K., Assessing the effects of Hurricane Sandy on migratory bird stopover using weather surveillance radar.

• AFO/SCO/WOS Joint Annual Meeting - Wolfville, NS, CA (2015)

o AFO Travel Award $850

• AOU/COS Joint Meeting - Norman, OK, US (2015)

o AOU Travel Award $400

Professional Licenses and Certifications

Wilderness First Aid/CPR NOLS (5/2016)
B3 Helicopter/Airplane Safety Interagency Aviation Training (5/2016)
NSC Defensive Driving II National Safety Council (8/2013)
ATV Rider Certification Safety Institute (6/2013)
Open Water Scuba Diver Certification PADI (3/2012)
24hr HAZWOPER Occupational Safety and Health Administration (1/2011)
Louisiana Boaters License Louisiana DOTD (1/2011)


2009 University Honors University of Texas
2008 University Honors University of Texas
2007 Deans List University of Texas

Memberships (since)

2013 The Wildlife Society
2015 Association of Field Ornithologists
2015 Wilson Ornithological Society
2015 American Ornithologists Society

Field Skills

Banding (Birds)

• Experience setting up mist nests, extracting birds, measuring, and banding passerines, rails, owls, and seabirds. Extracted approximately 350 birds and banded approximately 100.

Tagging (Mammals)

• Ear tagged approximately 50 small mammals from the Cascades Mountains.

Biological Surveys

• Conduct biological surveys targeted to monitor wildlife populations including: point counts, line transects, territory mapping, nest searching, and drag lining for a variety of bird species in woodland and marsh habitat.


• Can navigate to field points using a GPS or map and compass.

Driving Off-road Vehicles

• Experience driving in off-road, muddy, and rocky regions using cars, ATVs, and OHVs. Can effectively troubleshoot and maintain small motors.


• Loading/unloading boats from trailers and navigating open water and narrow marsh waterways using small skiffs and kayaks.

General Animal Identification

• Proficient in identifying all wildlife of the United States including birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians by sight and sound.

Computer Skills

R/RStudio Expert - Programming, data analysis, geospatial analysis, and package creation.
ArcGIS Expert - Spatial analysis and mapmaking
Microsoft Office Expert - Writing reports, entering data, analyzing data, making graphs
MYSQL/Access Expert - Creating a database, building queries, QA/QC, and creating forms.
UNIX Intermediate - Writing bin/bash script and scripting commands
Markdown/Latek Intermediate - Typesetting and creating reports